Author Topic: Minority- intro/interlude - from Nick's Theory Shed notes  (Read 1062 times)

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Minority- intro/interlude - from Nick's Theory Shed notes
« on: January 28, 2017, 04:31:39 PM »
Nick - Brilliiant Theory Shed note/essay on the "interlude" in Minority (1960 version) by Gigi Gryce - thanks++ (although have now spent most of Saturday on this, and I'm only on idea 1!)

Listening to the various versions with the help of my new girlfriend ["Alexa - play Minority by Clifford Brown from Spotify"!!] I got stuck into Idea 1 of Nick's - the Byzantine scale/ double harmonic / Forte 7-22 (btw - the only balanced 7 note series).  This led to what I hope is an interesting conclusion about the possible historical origins of this particular byzantine scale snippet:

The (? original) version of Minority from 1953 has an intro melody in the natural minor, much as my transcription below.

The 1957 version (Jazz Lab Quintet) has a similar intro but with a Donald Byrd "pre-intro" using this scale (I think) - at least several E and B naturals.

The Bill Evans 1958 intro also has lovely harmony with, I think, a C major triad.

Finally, the 1960 version (Hap'nins) with the intro and added interlude in "latin", with the byzantine scale used by Gigi Gryce.

So, my conclusion is that this "byzantine" flavour possibly c/o Donald Byrd, although of course in reality it was presumably an evolution over years of performance.   Was this decade a time of particular interest in exploring "minor" modes? - I know Horace Silver was really into it - Calcutta Cutie also in a similar F minor, and Que Pasa in the ridiculous key of Db minor.

As a relatively simple starter to the practice of transcribing, I did the intro to Minority (1960) - (Gigi Gryce adding harmony, I think usually a 4th below):

Hope that's (jazz)food for thought - onto idea 2!