september 12-13 2020

We love our Big Band Weekend at Jazz School - this year social distancing precautions mean it must be a Little Big Band, but fortunately Steve Waterman has a wonderful repertoire of music for exactly this format! The writing and arranging is brilliant - there is plenty of satisfyingly challenging ensemble work and also plenty of room for improvising. This will sell out quickly, so get your booking in soon!

Steve Waterman




Q Do I need any previous Big Band experience?

A Not necessarily - we're quite happy with the balance we achieved last year between regular Big Band players and those who are finding that feeling for the first time! As long as you're a confident reader, you'll be fine.

Q Do I have to be a confident improviser as well?

A Again - not necessarily. The charts do leave more space than you will usually find for improvisation, which is great for those of you who really want to stretch out, but solos are not compulsory!

Q Is the weekend open to all instruments?

A The basis of the ensemble will be the standard brass/saxes/rhythm section combination, but we are happy to accommodate any other instruments doubling up the front line parts. There may be the occasional song chart but singers will mostly be confined to wordless joy.

Q Do I have to come for both days??

A Not at all - while we'd be delighted if you joined us for both, we'll also sign you up for single days.

Q Where do the sessions take place?

A The venue is the Shoefactory at Rushden, a beautiful Victorian building (with a grand piano in all three playing spaces), which is also the home of Jazz School UK founders Nick Weldon and Andra Sparks. More details, maps and links can be found on our About Us page. LITTLE BIG BAND sessions run 10.30am-6pm. The cost of each day is £45 (20% member and U18 discounts available).

Q How do I sign up?

A Please use this form to register your interest. We will get back to you confirming availability and giving payment details.



Jazz School UK, The Shoefactory, 23b Fitzwilliam Street, Rushden, Northants NN10 9YW

mobile: 07971 409596

You can also contact us by email.


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