It's always exciting to receive expert advice on the skill you are passionate about - indeed a chance remark at a one-off workshop or lesson can sometimes open up amazing new avenues to explore. But we believe that the best and surest way to improve is in regular study, which is why, together with jazz publisher Verge, we have put together a number of courses offering exactly this type of programme. The courses are designed for keen adult players of all ages, and will be an ideal preparation for prospective college applicants as well as for all levels of of jamming and gigging!


For students wanting to follow an intensive and personalised course similar to, for example, a part-time jazz degree at a Conservatoire, we offer a CERTIFICATE AND DIPLOMA PATHWAY through 4 levels of learning. Each programme comprises 2 seasons of study, and depending on your level of jazz playing experience and knowledge you can choose from the following programmes...read more

Foundation Jazz

The Foundation Jazz Course is a one year introduction (for all instruments) to the essential skills and knowledge needed for small group jazz playing. The syllabus will cover: fundamental jazz repertoire, dominant-tonic harmony, playing with harmonic description...read more

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are an important element in any player's development. They give you a chance to focus more directly on particular issues, be they technical, theoretical or conceptual, and to develop...read more

To register your interest in the two year Pathway programme, the one year Jazz Foundation Course, or in courses of individual lessons, please use this form. Thanks!


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