The Guitar Improvers Ensemble is for guitarists wishing to make the leap across to jazz guitar from other styles (e.g. folk, blues/rock, classical). It meets at weekends for 8 sessions during the season, works on a set repertoire of standard jazz tunes, and will give you the skills to find the smaller jazz chords with extensions and alterations all over the fingerboard, as well as an understanding of jazz harmony, chord-scale relationships, scale improvisation and jazz and latin rhythm fundamentals.

In addition to these specific instrumental areas, you will be working through repertoire and the associated specific skills and theory points from Jazz School UK Levels 1 and 2. Ensemble members can read more about the different levels in the members area

It's a small friendly group (usually 5-8 players) run alternately by pro guitarists ADAM FROST and DOMINIC ASHWORTH. 

The current intake have made incredible progress with Adam and Dominic, and are now transferring back into our other Ensembles to explore their newfound expertise - which means that we are now accepting applications from more guitarists at the beginning of the journey into jazz. The next Guitar Improvers Ensemble will be starting in September 2019. Please get in touch if you're interested and want to sign up - or indeed if you have any more questions. Thanks!

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