summer LONG WEEKEND AUGUST 21-24 2020



Friday August 21


Saturday August 22


Sunday August 23


Monday August 24




The days comprise the following:

Repertoire 4 sessions on the composer of the day.

Jazz Shed Repertoire revision and/or workshop on topics arising from the day's repertoire.

Evening Jam Session In this last session of the day it's performance time in the Clicking Room.

Days run 10.30am-9.30pm (last course day finishes 6pm)


Q Do I need any previous improvising experience?

A For this weekend - yes. The sessions work best for intermediate/advanced players - those who already have quite a bit of improvising experience. Pianists need to be fairly fluent in rootless lefthand voicings through the keys, guitarists should be able to play smaller chords with extensions and alterations in different parts of the fingerboard, drummers should be able to handle a range of swing, ballad and latin grooves, bassists must be able to walk through changes, and everyone should have somne experience in applying theory to their improvising, and also know a few tunes by heart! All this being said, we recognise that knowledge grows in patches, so we don't mind dealing with some large gaps. But if none of this rings any bells at all you're almost certainly going to enjoy our New year, Spring or Summer Jazz Beginners and Improvers Weekends much more!

Q Do I have to sign up for all four days?

A Not at all - as long as we can accommodate your instrument, and subject to numbers, we are happy to offer you a place for as few or as many days as you choose, even for single days!

Q How many players are there in each group?

A We aim for 8 in each group - 1 x piano, guitar, bass and drums + 4 frontline.

Q What is the best way to prepare?

A The tunes are listed on this page, together with a playlist for reference. We supply tune sheets in advance, nearer the time, and in the meanwhile ask you to familiarise yourself with the music by listening, singing, and attempting to transfer the melodies to your instrument by ear. Don't worry if you find this difficult - it gets easier - and in the process you will immensely improve your jazz musicianship!

Q Where do the sessions take place?

A The venue is the Shoefactory at Rushden, a beautiful Victorian building (with a grand piano in all three playing spaces), which is also the home of Jazz School UK founders Nick Weldon and Andra Sparks. More details, maps and links can be found on our About Us page. The cost of each day is £90 (20% member and U18 discounts available).

Q What makes this Summer School special?

A We have a great venue, reasonable prices, flexible booking and grand pianos - but above all the sessions offer you focused playing and learning with top tutors and other keen players like yourselves. You'll have time to prepare the material so that when you arrive you'll be ready to learn. No more note-bashing, no more hazy lazy days of aimless jamming - we think you deserve more for your money - just plenty of fun, hard work and honest feedback.

Q How do I sign up?

A Register your interest using this form and we will then contact you to confirm your place and arrange payment.