JAZZ workshops 2019-20

If you want an intensive burst of jazz activity with plenty of focused learning and tutor input, these workshops are made for you:

  • Jam Sessions various dates (all levels) A chance to blow through tunes old and new with our excellent house Rhythm Section.
  • Theory Shed Days various dates (all levels) Come and drill some harmony fundamentals through the keys - you won't believe the difference it will make!
  • Beginner/Improvers Weekends January 4-5, April 25-26 and July 25-26 2020. Ideal for players wanting an introduction to jazz improvisation, and also for those with more experience needing to get some easy playing hours in! Guest tutors Dave Lewis, Mark Bassey and Nikki Iles.
  • Voicing and Comping Day July 4 2020. For pianists and guitarists. Dominic Ashworth, Pete Churchill and Nick Weldon take you through the essential techniques required for delivering melody and accompaniment.
  • Big Band Weekend June 27-28 2020 - come and play some great charts under the guidance of star composer/arranger/trumpeter Steve Waterman.
  • Jeff Clyne Improvisation Day July 5 2020 - our annual tribute to a sorely missed friend and master bassist, in which instrumentalists and singers come together for a fresh look at improvisation. Guest tutor Alan Barnes.
  • Summer Long August 21-24 2020 Summer School for intermediate and advanced levels. Nikki Iles, Steve Waterman, Dave O'Higgins, Nick Weldon.
  • Jazz Singers And Accompanists Weekend August 29-30 2020 A glorious weekend exploring jazz song and accompaniment skills. With Pete Churchill, Andra Sparks and Nick Weldon
  • The Shoefactory Band various dates (intermediate/advanced)
  • Organ Grounds various dates (intermediate/advanced)
  • ‣ Format

    The basis of Jazz School UK workshops, like that of our regular Ensembles, is the tutored playing session. You will be working in small groups (we aim for 8 per group, rhythm section plus frontline) of players of similar ability. The focus of these sessions will be the repertoire, development work and improvising skills that are essential for all jazz players. Some instrumental sessions may also be offered, depending on tutor and player numbers. These are small workshops and we will generally be running only three groups on each day, so early booking is advised to secure your place, especially in the rhythm sections.

    ‣ Preparation

    Jazz workshops are a great way of getting in some serious playing time and hooking up with like-minded players, and of course, of getting valuable advice from experienced pros. On the downside, the amount of new information and repertoire on offer can be overwhelming. Players often emerge exhilarated, but strangely dispirited, nuggets of new understanding completely outweighed by what they suspect they haven't quite understood! This can lead to issues of low self-esteem and long term alcohol and chocolate abuse. Our workshops are very different - we provide tune lists, recommended listening and tune sheets in advance, so that you have plenty of time to do the preparation, and can therefore learn much more effectively when you get here. This way we combine all the buzz of the short workshop with maximum educational benefit.

    ‣ Flexibility

    Come for as much or as little as you like. It's great if you can do a whole weekend, but as long as we can fit you into a group, we're happy for you to come for a few or even single days.

    ‣ playing level required

    We aim to provide a good playing and learning experience for players of all levels, from beginners right through to good gigging standard. We give an indication above of the playing level generally required for each workshop - please contact us for more detailed advice.



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    Q Are all instruments welcome?

    A Yes, even banjos.

    Q What about singers?

    A All the Summer School days are great for singers who are interested in learning about improvisation, rhythm, harmony, and jazz ensemble practice. we also have a summer weekend dedicated to singers and players who are interested in improvising within song form.

    Q How much do the workshops cost, and how do I sign up and pay?

    A You will find prices on the specific workshop pages linked from this page, and booking forms on the booking page.

    Q Where can I find out more detail about what happens on the workshop days?

    A On the workshop pages.


    (Nick Weldon)

    mobile: 07971 409596

    You can also send us an email.

    Register your interest using this form and we will then contact you to confirm your place and arrange payment.




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